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All Ireland Football Final - Ticket info

posted 30 Aug 2011, 05:58 by St. James Gaels
The scramble for tickets for the All-Ireland final has begun and unfortunately many people will be disappointed. Dublin has not played in the final since 1995 so many people may not be aware of how tickets are allocated

Up to now we have been able to satisfy the ticket requirements for all members for all games – this will not be true for the final. Every club in the country is entitled to tickets, along with players, past winners, sponsors, etc. This leads to a much reduced availability to the clubs in the counties actually contesting the match. Tickets will not be available direct to the public through Ticketmaster etc.

St. James Gaels will not be able to order tickets; we will simply receive an allocation. It will be up to us to distribute this allocation as fairly as possible.

We have a record of all ticket orders (made through the club) for all games so far this season (and for the last few seasons) in league, championship and hurling matches so we will obviously be able to give first refusal to those who have ordered consistently through the above matches. We will not however be able to sell large numbers of tickets to anyone.

You can be assured that I will distribute the tickets as fairly as possible and will do this under the supervision of the club Chairman and Secretary to ensure fairness. However, if you get offered a ticket elsewhere – do not pass it up – there will be someone in the club that will use it if you cannot.

Eoin Darcy
Ticket Co-ordinator