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Paddy O' Neill

Paddy is the youngest of 12 (3 boys, 8 girls and a dog) and has been around the club since Arthur Guinness founded it in 1759. 

He has had a momentous career which has seen him playing in g
oal and any other position that doesn’t require him to tackle. At last count, he has retired three times and now believes the timing is right to be the next Daniel O’Donnell.
Paddy is a strong minded pioneer who is planning on rocking the Grounds with big hits such as “Danny Boy” and “Scorn not his Simplicity”.
Admired by many, respected by nobody, Paddy could be a dark horse in the competition. 
Speaking confidently from his training camp in Killarney, he has already organised his celebration party, booking off an area in Cassidy’s smoking section for his after competition party