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The draw for this year’s competition has been made.

The following clubs have been invited to participate:
Lucan Sarsfields
St. Anne’s
St. Vincents
Templeogue/Synge Street
Thomas Davis
Whitehall Colmcilles

The draw for the tournament is as follows:

Group A: St. James Gaels, St. Anne’s, Cuala, Templeogue/Synge Street, Whitehall Colmcilles.

Group B: Castleknock, Lucan Sarsfields, Parnels, St. Vincent’s, Thomas Davis.

In the event of teams having the same number of points, in either group, a count-back of scores for/against will determine progression to the next stage.

In the event of duplication of cumulative scores, a play-off will determine progression to the next stage.

In the event of bad weather, team officials should contact the event organiser to determine if the venue is playable. Contact Paul Flanagan at either 01-4501230 or 087-2412886.

Iveagh Grounds
Dublin 12
Our location can be found on our Contact Us page

Timetable (Saturday 29th December 2012) :

Group A : 
St. James Gaels v Templeogue/Synge Street 10.30a.m. - 10.55a.m.
St. Anne’s v Cuala 10.30a.m. - 10.55a.m.
St. Anne’s v St. James Gaels 11.00a.m. - 11.25a.m.
Whitehall Colmchilles v Cuala 11.00a.m. - 11.25a.m.
Cuala v St. James Gaels 11.30a.m. - 11.55a.m.
Templeogue/Synge Street v Whitehall Colmchilles 11.30a.m. - 11.55a.m.
Whitehall Colmchilles v St. Anne’s 12.00p.m. - 12.25p.m.
Cuala v Templeogue/Synge Street 12.00p.m. - 12.25p.m.
St. James Gaels v Whitehall Colmchilles 12.30p.m. - 12.55p.m.
St. Anne’s v Templeogue/Synge Street 12.30p.m. - 12.55p.m.

Presentation Of Commemorative Medals/Refreshments 01.00p.m. - 01.15p.m.

Group B : 
St. Vincent’s v Castleknock 02.00p.m. - 02.25p.m.
Parnels v Thomas Davis 02.00p.m. - 02.25p.m.
Parnels v St. Vincent’s 02.30p.m. - 02.55p.m.
Lucan Sarsfields v Thomas Davis 02.30p.m. - 02.55p.m.
Thomas Davis v St. Vincent’s 03.00p.m. - 03.25p.m.
Castleknock v Lucan Sarsfields 03.00p.m. - 03.25p.m.
Lucan Sarsfields v Parnels 03.30p.m. - 03.55p.m.
Thomas Davis v Castleknock 03.30p.m. - 03.55p.m.
St. Vincent’s v Lucan Sarsfields 04.00p.m. - 04.25p.m.
Castleknock v Parnels 04.00p.m. - 04.25p.m.

Presentation Of Commemorative Medals/Refreshments 04.30p.m. - 04.45p.m.

Timetable (Sunday 30th December 2012) :

Winners (Group A) v Runners-Up (Group B) 02.00p.m. - 02.30p.m.
Winners (Group B) v Runners-Up (Group A) 02.00p.m. - 02.30p.m.
Play-off For Third/Fourth Place : 02.40p.m. - 03.10p.m.
Play-off Final 02.40p.m. - 03.10p.m.

Presentation party will be held directly after final. (All teams playing on the 30th, including officials/parents please attend).

All teams must make themselves available for team photographs on both days, ten minutes prior to throw- in on first day and after play-offs.

Thanking you all again for participating and a merry Christmas to you all on behalf of St. James Gaels and most of all from the family and friends of the Humphrey family.

Kind Regards
Paul A. Flanagan
Event Organiser