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2008 Announcement

Humphrey Cup Fixtures Released 

When it comes to Christmas feasts St James Gaels are once again rolling up their sleeves and making plans to ensure we will have a feast of Christmas football in the Iveagh Grounds on 27 and 28 December next. 

On those dates the Crumlin Road venue will showcase the cream of under 10 talent in Dublin football in the annual John Humphrey memorial cup hosted by St James Gaels. Fans of under age football in Dublin always make it their business to look in on this competition to see the stars of the future. 

The competition is held in memory of John Humphrey, a young St James Gaels player, who died tragically some years ago. Generously sponsored by John’s family the tournament is a fitting tribute to the memory of a young boy for whom sport played such a major part in his short life. 

This year the competition will see teams from Cuala, Lucan Sarsfields, Castleknock, St. Anne’s, Bray Emmet’s, St. Oliver Plunkett’s, St. Vincent’s, Templeogue/Synge Street and Thomas Davis compete with hosts St James Gaels in what promises to be an excellent two days of football. 

Gaels Chairman Billy Hannigan said that the event is “the most special event in the club’s calendar” and he paid particular tribute to Paul Flanagan and the Humphrey family for all the time and effort they put into making it such a prestigious competition. “We hope that all of the young players will enjoy their time with us at the competition. While every team likes to win the most important thing about this event is that everybody approaches it in a spirit that makes sport a winner.” 

The timetable and fixtures for the competition are attached.

Further information Contact:

Paul Flanagan 087 2412886
Billy Hannigan 087 2371611 

Timetable (Saturday 27th December 2008) :

Group A : 

St. James Gaels v Castleknock 10.30a.m. - 10.55a.m.
St. Anne’s v Cuala 10.30a.m. - 10.55a.m
St. Anne’s v St. James Gaels 11.00a.m. - 11.25a.m.
Robert Emmets v Cuala 11.00a.m. - 11.25a.m
Cuala v St. James Gaels 11.30a.m. - 11.55a.m.
Castleknock v Robert Emmets  11.30a.m. - 11.55a.m
Robert Emmets v St. Anne’s 12.00p.m. - 12.25p.m.
Cuala v Castleknock 12.00p.m. - 12.25p.m
St. James Gaels v Robert Emmets  12.30p.m. - 12.55p.m
St. Anne’s v Castleknock 12.30p.m. - 12.55p.m

Presentation Of Commemorative Medals/Refreshments 01.00p.m. - 01.15p.m

Group B: 

St. Vincent’s v Templeogue/Synge Street 02.00p.m. - 02.25p.m.
Bray Emmet’s v Thomas Davis 02.00p.m. - 02.25p.m
Bray Emmet’s v St. Vincent’s 02.30p.m. - 02.55p.m
Lucan Sarsfields v Thomas Davis 02.30p.m. - 02.55p.m
Thomas Davis v St. Vincent’s 03.00p.m. - 03.25p.m
Templeogue/Synge Street v Lucan Sarsfields 03.00p.m. - 03.25p.m
Lucan Sarsfields v Bray Emmet’s  03.30p.m. - 03.55p.m
Thomas Davis v Templeogue/Synge Street 03.30p.m. - 03.55p.m
St. Vincent’s v Lucan Sarsfields 04.00p.m. - 04.25p.m
Templeogue/Synge Street v Bray Emmet’s 04.00p.m. - 04.25p.m

Presentation Of Commemorative Medals/Refreshments 04.30p.m. - 04.45p.m

Timetable (Sunday 28th December 2007) :

Winners (Group A) v Runners-Up (Group B) 02.00p.m. - 02.30p.m

Winners (Group B) v Runners-Up (Group A) 02.00p.m. - 02.30p.m

Play-off For Third/Fourth Place : 02.40p.m. - 03.10p.m

Play-off Final 02.40p.m. - 03.10p.m

Thomas Davis won the 2007 John Humphrey Memorial Cup after a thrilling 2 days of football in the Iveagh Grounds.